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Jolly Cannabis Vaping and Dabbing Concentrates 
The Jolly Cannabis team offers two forms of concentrate, one that can be inserted into a vaporizer and the other as a live resin for dabbing. They all contain the highest legal limits of THC using HHC, CBD and terpenes. 
Each form comes in four flavors: 
Snow Man: A Sativa-hybrid that gives a piney taste on the draw and an earthy frosty exhale.
Cereal Milk: A hybrid cross with a sweet and rich taste that people love.
Pink Rozay: An Indica-hybrid made from small-batch premium flowers that tastes like velvet cake and gives off a floral scent.
Super Lemon Haze: An Indica-hybrid that tastes like lemon candy from small-batch premium flowers.
Zach and Sunny put a lot of thought, energy and care into their blends. Working hard to make sure they taste good and deliver the expected results. However, unlike most dispensaries that have to charge high prices due to taxes and regulations, Sunny and Zach are able to provide their extracts at prices everyone can afford. Each 1ml (vape) or 1g (dab) vial comes in just under $30, more than half the price of the average dispensary. "


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