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THC Gummies

Federally legal hemp derived delta 9 thc gummies that pack a punch. 20mg thc and 30mg cbd per 2 pack pouch.

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Carts and Concentrate

We take pride in our products . Only using the highest quality ingredients and procedures you can count Jolly Cannabis for quality.

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Hemp Derived

Federally legal, potent, and safe. Hemp Derived cannabis bennefits.

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Better Prices, Better Quality

Jollys Top Strains

  • Super Lemon Haze

    Sativa Swinger taste. This strain is full of lemon-
    citrus zing

  • Cereal Milk

    A hybrid cross with some of the tastiest
    genetics this side of the galaxy.

  • Pink Rozay

    An indica-hybrid that delivers a strong head
    high with a relaxed body feel.

  • Snow Man

    A sativa-dominant hybrid. Rich organic
    terpenes give a piney smell with an OG